Acqua di Bolgheri Lavender Scented Soap 150 gr


Certified organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and vegetable.

Natural, hand-cut and made according to the ancient Tuscan artisan tradition.

Formula rich in olive oil and lavender spiked petals.

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The Acqua di Bolgheri collection is made only with natural and local ingredients not tested on animals: organic olive oil, flowers and other local plants

The inspiration of each fragrance comes from the magical encounter of the disruptive beauty of the Tuscan territory with the most advanced technological research,

To get the best from organic natural ingredients, highly technological production systems are used that guarantee maximum quality and total respect for the environment and raw materials.

A mix of elegance, passion and purity, in balance with nature and the precious ingredients it provides us, Dr. Taffi has been offering fragrant and enveloping sensations for years, combining in its products the quality of vegetable cosmetics with exclusive fragrances.


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