Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Seta Fior di Loto 35ml


  • Perfume with floral and fruity notes. A combination to which the essence of the lotus flower is added.
  • 35ml format
  • SCENTED WELLNESS LINE. The encounter between touch, smell and sight give life to this line of perfumes. The mind is guided by the three senses: from the name of the perfume itself to imagining the texture of the fabric, from the olfactory notes of the fruit chosen as the theme and the colors of the product which refer to the name of the fabric chosen for the collection. Profumati di Benessere gives fragrant and enveloping sensations, combining the quality of vegetable cosmetics with many fragrances with the joy of colorful and carefree packages perfect for the bathroom of your own home and even more for a useful, natural and affordable gift idea the pockets.
  • Dermatologically Tested.
  • Vegan and Not Tested on Animals.
Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Seta Fior di Loto 35ml