Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Seta Fior di Loto 35ml


  • Perfume with floral and fruity notes. A combination to which the essence of the lotus flower is added.
  • 35ml format
  • SCENTED WELLNESS LINE. The encounter between touch, smell and sight give life to this line of perfumes. The mind is guided by the three senses: from the name of the perfume itself to imagining the texture of the fabric, from the olfactory notes of the fruit chosen as the theme and the colors of the product which refer to the name of the fabric chosen for the collection. Profumati di Benessere gives fragrant and enveloping sensations, combining the quality of vegetable cosmetics with many fragrances with the joy of colorful and carefree packages perfect for the bathroom of your own home and even more for a useful, natural and affordable gift idea the pockets.
  • Dermatologically Tested.
  • Vegan and Not Tested on Animals.
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Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Seta Fior di Loto

It is a combination of fruity and floral notes that finds its harmony in the delicately sweet essence of a lotus flower, capable of penetrating the senses with a caress as smooth as silk. Sweet but not cloying scent. Persistent and changeable fragrance. Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Seta Fior di Loto a gift idea that releases seductive femininity.


The Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories were born in 1987 from an idea and the herbal passion of the founder, the biologist Enio Taffi. Over the years, the company has been able to develop its ideas and its naturist vocation guaranteeing, in growth, the same high quality and same level of purity and naturalness in the production of successful cosmetic lines.

The basic philosophy was the same as today: work only with natural and local ingredients and demonstrate total respect for nature preventing animal testing.

Guided by love for the wonderful nature of their Tuscany, the Taffi family has continued to maintain the same principles during its growth. A passionate family with a very clear vision: to share the beauty and scents of their slice of Tuscany with the rest of the world.

The profound knowledge of nature and the market, in the well-being and personal care sector, has allowed the affirmation of the company which offers high-quality and effective preparations, produced with rigour, care and competence.

Dr. Taffi products are formulated using the most precious ingredients that nature has given us.

  1. Synthetic preservatives
  2. Animal components
  3. Petrolatum
  4. Lauryl sulfates
  5. Synthetic dyes
  6. Propylene glycol

All the components used in the product formulations are dermatologically tested and of 100% vegetable origin. Dr. Taffi products are not tested on animals and never will be and have obtained the most significant and important ethical certifications.


The Acqua di Bolgheri fragrances and collections are the realization of Dr. Enio Taffi’s vision, through the formulation of products made with completely natural local ingredients, first and foremost organic Tuscan olive oil which is the protagonist of the compositions.

The Acqua di Bolgheri brand which has become, in a very short time, its strongest corporate identification brand and has contributed to the opening in Tuscany, Italy and in the rest of the world, of a chain of trusted stores and points of sale.

Made only with completely natural ingredients: organic olive oil, flowers and other local plants, combined with a great respect for nature and what concerns it.

The Acqua di Bolgheri collection represents, through each individual product, the realization of a vision, which has remained as pure as imagined from the beginning. Without compromising on their core values, the Taffi family takes great pride in creating and bringing to market the purest perfumes, lotions and bath products.

Acqua di Bolgheri products are composed of certified, highly moisturizing and emollient natural formulas. Hypoallergenic and perfumed with essences typical of our coast, they are authentic beauty elixirs for the skin.

BOLGHERI A Place Of Inspiration

A small medieval village in the heart of Tuscany, located a few kilometers from the turquoise sea of the Etruscan Coast. Accessible, arriving by car, only through the charming Viale di San Guido, a road bordered for five kilometers by majestic secular cypresses. The entrance to the village is a picturesque arch that contains the magic and charm of the past,

Bolgheri represents a place of inspiration for every perfume and line that belongs to Acqua di Bolgheri. The village has a unique and magical charm and it is easy to understand why it has inspired poets and numerous artists over the centuries.

The main inspirations reside in sensations. Aroused by a walk immersed in our countryside. From emotions born by the sea or from a glass of wine sipped in the magic of the village we come from. Inspirations that are transferred to the Acqua di Bolgheri fragrances.

The Acqua di Bolgheri line expresses the truest essence of Tuscany. It evokes perfumes, reflects shades and contains precious extracts for the skin in compliance with the brand’s mission: the excellence of vegetable cosmetics for the well-being and beauty of the person.

“Our mission is to spread well-being in the society in which we live, through the correct use of what is most precious to us: Nature.” Taffi family


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