Acqua di Bolgheri Unisex Perfume Indaco 50 ml


Certified organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and vegetable.

A precious Mediterranean perfume. Cypress and cornflower; lily, cedar, lemon and jasmine.

Proud, elegant and self-aware.

A fragrance that conquers ladies and gentlemen with a classic taste with freshness.

The main olfactory notes of the Acqua di Bolgheri Indaco perfume are: cypress, cedar, musk

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The Acqua di Bolgheri collection is made only with natural and local ingredients not tested on animals: organic olive oil, flowers and other local plants

The inspiration of each fragrance comes from the magical encounter of the disruptive beauty of the Tuscan territory with the most advanced technological research,

To get the best from organic natural ingredients, highly technological production systems are used that guarantee maximum quality and total respect for the environment and raw materials.

A mix of elegance, passion and purity, in balance with nature and the precious ingredients it provides us, Dr. Taffi has been offering fragrant and enveloping sensations for years, combining in its products the quality of vegetable cosmetics with exclusive fragrances.


The perfume in history

The first evidence of the use of perfume dates back to the Egyptians, who used to accompany prayers and sacred rites by burning essential oils, resins and perfumed ointments. However, it is thought that it was already used by the Sumerians, one of the oldest civilizations in history.

The history of perfume is not limited to the sacred dimension and over time the perfumes will also be used in daily hygiene. Thanks to the trade, precious woods, resins, myrrh and incense imported from all over the world became the main ingredients of the perfumes of the time.

With the ancient Greeks, perfume frees itself from religious worship and begins to enter the everyday life of ordinary people. While continuing to accompany sacred rites and mark fundamental stages such as births, weddings and funeral ceremonies, perfume enters the profane sphere.

Thus it is forever linked to the myth of beauty and body care, and begins to play a fundamental role in daily life.

Today perfume is a powerful tool to express our personality, build our image and relate to others. The fragrances accompany us in everyday life by communicating something about us.


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