Acqua di Bolgheri Perfume Cotone Muschio Bianco 35ml


  • From the Acqua di Bolgheri line Profumati di Benessere Perfume with white musk. With fresh and light notes of genepì, iris and white musk.
  • Biological. Vegan. 35ml bottle.
  • With the Profumati di Benessere collection, the emotion of a perfume and the resulting well-being arise from the magical encounter between touch, smell and sight.
  • Touch because when an essence is perceived, the mind is guided by the name of the perfume itself to imagine the consistency of a scrap of fabric on the skin. Smell because the fascinating notes of the fruit of nature chosen as the theme are linked to this sense. Sight because the choice of colors for each individual product is carefully studied to represent the perfect union between perfumed notes and fabrics.

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