Aboca Natura mix Advanced Mente – Soluble sachets


Contains 50 capsules of 500 mg each
Find your support with the multinatural
  • Health Needs: Mind
  • Supports memory and promotes cognitive performance thanks to Ginkgo.
  • With concentrated Ginkgo leaves
  • HOW TO USE IT: It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day, preferably in the morning. Quantities per recommended daily dose – 2 capsules.


ABOCA mix Advanced Mente – Soluble sachets

Find your support with the multinatural

It supports memory and promotes cognitive performance thanks to Ginkgo. For adults and children. In periods of intense study and work. In all cases of mental fatigue. With Ginkgo, Rhodiola, grape seeds and Spanish sage.

Natura Mix Advanced Mente is a 100% natural product validated by the advanced scientific platforms of Aboca Research which have made it possible to identify the classes of substances contained in the product such as terpenes (including ginkgolides), flavanols, tannins, rosavin, salidroside, vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally contained in Ginkgo, Rhodiola, Grape seeds and Spanish Sage. Natura Mix Advanced Mente supports memory and promotes cognitive performance thanks to Ginkgo extract. The product also, thanks to the essential oil of Spanish sage, improves mental performance and helps maintain concentration, attention and memory. In particular, Rhodiola extract has a tonic-adaptogenic activity that helps the body to adapt to emotional stress, physical effort, helps stimulate the nervous system and has a beneficial effect in case of induced fatigue and headache. . The formulation is enriched with grape seed extract with antioxidant activity. For these characteristics Natura Mix Advanced Mente is useful:

  • in periods of intense study and work
  • in all cases where you want to support memory and cognitive functions

Natura Mix Advanced Mente does not contain components that can cause agitation or hinder sleep.


For over 40 years, Aboca has been conducting advanced studies in the field of pathophysiology and plant substances, seeking answers in nature for human health, while respecting their organism and the environment.

The production chain is based on rigorous organic cultivation and makes use of the most innovative scientific and technological research in the production phase. In this way, 100% natural and biodegradable products are obtained, excluding the use of artificial substances during the entire process.

From the field to the finished product, ABOCA production is a constant commitment to ensure the highest quality in every step and to exclude the use of chemical synthesis products, GMOs and chemical solvents throughout the supply chain.



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