3X SUPER FORMULA REVITALIZING ANTI-AGE Treatment for mature skin 14ml



  • 7 vials (2ml per vial). Effective and powerful solution to improve five of the most common aesthetic problems in just 7 days. The emulsion lets the active molecules of the 3 biochemical structures act deeply.
  • Dermocosmetic treatment consisting of 3 biochemical structures that promote an intense restructuring and regenerating activity of the facial skin.
  • The Biochemical Structure 1 carries out an activity at the microbiome level. Biochemical Structure 2 works at the level of the energy potential of skin cells.
  • The Biochemical Structure 3 is dedicated to the cure of the single problem, therefore it is variable according to the specific function.
  • Five different Super Formulas available: Anti-wrinkle, Revitalizing, Firming, Lightening, Purifying
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Indicated for problems of mature, withered and devitalized skin.

3X Super Formula Revitalizing Anti-Age consists of the biochemical structures 1 and 2 plus the biochemical structure 3. The latter is composed of the revitalizing complex patented by Labo that promotes skin regeneration. It is associated with Teprenone, a specific molecule that fights cellular aging.

The active components fill these gaps linked to the passage of time. It stimulates the physiological functions of the skin and regenerates skin cells.

Teprenone, protecting the telomeres, that is the terminal part of the chromosomes, prolongs the longevity of the skin cells and the youth of the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles are the signs of aging on our face.

  • Our skin is as unique as we are and ages differently depending on our genetics and lifestyle.
  • The first signs of skin aging appear around the age of 30, so it is good to take care of your skin right away.
  • As the skin ages, its renewal processes slow down and its structure weakens, the first lines appear on the face.
  • Wrinkles are inevitable during the aging process, but internal and external factors accelerate their development. Sun, pollution, diet, smoking and lack of sleep have a major impact on their occurrence.

There are various types of Anti-Age treatments that use different active, invaded and less invasive ingredients, lasting days or months. It all depends on what intensity you act and how often.


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