3X SUPER FORMULA PURIFYING Oily Skin Treatment 14ml


  • Contains: 7 vials (2ml per vial). Effective and powerful solution to improve five of the most common aesthetic problems in just 7 days. The emulsion lets the active molecules of the 3 biochemical structures act deeply.
  • Dermocosmetic treatment consisting of 3 biochemical structures that favor an intense restructuring and regenerating activity of the skin of the face.
  • Biochemical Structure 1 performs an activity at the microbiome level. Biochemical Structure 2 works at the level of the energy potential of skin cells. The Biochemical Structure 3 is dedicated to the cure of the single problem, therefore it is variable according to the specific function.
  • Five different Super Formulas available: Anti-wrinkle, Revitalizing, Firming, Brightening, Purifying
3X SUPER FORMULA PURIFYING Oily Skin Treatment 14ml