3X SUPER FORMULA PURIFYING Oily Skin Treatment 14ml


  • Contains: 7 vials (2ml per vial). Effective and powerful solution to improve five of the most common aesthetic problems in just 7 days. The emulsion lets the active molecules of the 3 biochemical structures act deeply.
  • Dermocosmetic treatment consisting of 3 biochemical structures that favor an intense restructuring and regenerating activity of the skin of the face.
  • Biochemical Structure 1 performs an activity at the microbiome level. Biochemical Structure 2 works at the level of the energy potential of skin cells. The Biochemical Structure 3 is dedicated to the cure of the single problem, therefore it is variable according to the specific function.
  • Five different Super Formulas available: Anti-wrinkle, Revitalizing, Firming, Brightening, Purifying
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3X SUPER FORMULA PURIFYING Oily Skin Treatment 14ml

3X Super Formula Purifying consists more of the biochemical structures 1 and 2 the biochemical structure 3 composed of two organic Thio-Derivatives plus Sebacic Acid and Glutathione, suitable for purifying the epidermis, regulating the production of sebum and protecting the skin from radicals free.

The sebum-containing amino acid sulfur complex reduces the excessive levels of sebum in the skin while the sebacic acid has the ability to reduce the number of active sebaceous glands. Thanks to its particular chemical structure, glutathione intervenes in maintaining the correct state of intracellular redox, acting as a scavenger molecule against oxygen free radicals.

Suitable for mixed, impure, oily skin.


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