Kitchen Mortar in White Carrara Marble with Wooden Pestle 20cm


Functional and refined kitchen or pharmacy mortar, handmade with classic Carrara marble with typical natural veins. The pestle is made of natural beech wood.

The elegant and durable material gives a traditional yet modern look to a tool whose origins are very ancient.

Any imperfections and differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of the value and uniqueness of the object and materials.


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  • Before use, wash the mortar and pestle with water only. Do not wash in the dishwasher. For the pesto: after washing the mortar and before crushing the basil, rub the inside with a clove of garlic.

The name mortar originates from the Latin mortarjius, derived in turn from the most ancient mortare (making parts). The need to crush and pulverize some materials dates back to remote times and was initially practiced mainly using natural cavities and then with mortars, almost always made of stone. The oldest mortars are in hard stone (used, for example, by Etruscans and Greeks), marble or alabaster. Even the Bible testifies to its ancient use: “The manna was pounded in a mortar to prepare focaccia”.

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Peso 4 kg
Dimensioni 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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