Labo Lifting Palpebra Nuova Formula Avanzata


Lifting palpebrale – Nuova formula avanzata GRADe 1-2-3 con crema di mantenimento 10ml

Come si utilizza

  • Preparato dermocosmetico ad effetto lifting per la lassità cutanea che favorisce la riduzione del rilassamento delle palpebre e delle arcate sopracciliari, aiutando a sollevarle, a ritrovare contorni più tesi e liftati.
  • Flacone da 30 ml di Gel più un tubo da 10 ml di Crema Viso Solida (disponibile anche in versione singola in tubo da 30 ml).
  • Lifting Dosaggio 1: lassità e leggero cedimento
  • Lifting Dosaggio 2: lassità e cedimento moderato
  • Dosaggio Lifting 2: lassità e cedimento moderato
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  • Dermocosmetic preparation with lifting effect for skin laxity that favors the reduction of the sagging of the features in the upper part of the face, helping to lift them, to find more tense and lifted contours. The laxity of the tissues that involves the upper part of the face, in particular the eyelids, the area of the browbone and the forehead shows a visible evolution due to the “dilated” skin, which increases in surface and “falls”, causing a progressive subsidence of the sections. The eyelid covers the inner crease of the eye, the corners of the eyes take a downward direction also due to the descent of the temples and the subsidence of the eyebrow arches.
  • The action of Eyelid Lifting is based on the Lifteina Complex Swiss Patent CH 712 905 consisting of 9 components with transdermal technology penetration: 2 with mechanical effect and 7 with biological dermo-cosmetic effect that work synergistically and specifically on the skin tissues of the first third ( lower part) of the face, chin and neck.
    In-vitro efficacy test on the components of Lifteina.
    The collagen reticulum contraction technique was used, capable of simulating the interactions that occur in-vivo between cells (fibroblasts) and collagen fibers. A lattice
    composed of collagen and fibroblasts was placed in contact with the mixture of the components of Lifteina. At fixed intervals (1, 3, 4 and 7 days) the area of the reticle was photographed and measured. The mechanical and biological active ingredients resulted in a progressive “contraction” of the lattice area up to a reduction of the surface area of 45% compared to T0 (see photo).


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