Labo Crescina Transdermic Follicular Island Rapid-Intensive 1700 Donna


Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive Follicular Islands 1700 Woman 20-40 Fiale (1-2 mesi di trattamento)

scopri l’azione delle Isole Follicolari Crescina qui

  • Trattamento intensivo rapido contro la caduta e il diradamento dei capelli. Componenti simili alle molecole naturalmente presenti nel sistema capillare favoriscono la rigenerazione dei capelli.
  • Tutti i trattamenti sono disponibili in formule specifiche per uomo e donna. Efficacia nel 100% dei soggetti testati.
  • Dosaggi crescenti da 1700 a 2100 a seconda del grado di diradamento.
  • Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive Follicular Islands è un trattamento cosmetico topico per la crescita fisiologica dei capelli con Tecnologia Transdermica. Riunisce in un’unica fiala il complesso per le Isole Follicolari, i due trattamenti PLC12 e Bulge-Stem, e l’innovazione tecnologica del nuovo Scalp Microbiome Complex con 3+2 potenziatori.
  • A differenza dei follicoli singoli che valgono per un solo capello, le ISOLE FOLLICOLARI, a seconda della distribuzione e del numero, possono contare due o più capelli. Con il processo di diradamento è quindi fondamentale riservare alle isole follicolari un trattamento specifico che sia adeguato alla complessità di questo importantissimo sistema, in proporzione al numero totale di steli presenti sul cuoio capelluto.



Hair loss in normal conditions is to be considered a natural physiological process of hair replacement. Hair growth, loss and regrowth are part of the hair life cycle, a sequence that is repeated continuously throughout a person’s life.

As long as hair loss is within the confines of this regrowth cycle it need not worry. However, when the phenomenon is triggered by exogenous, genetic or hormonal factors, it is possible that the falling structures are not adequately replaced by equally healthy hair.

Depending on the person’s characteristics and other factors such as scalp or hair bulb problems, hair loss can manifest itself in many different forms. Baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common hair problem: over 70% of men and 40% of women are affected during life.

THE FOLLICULAR ISLANDSIndividual follicles are not the only structures in the scalp. At a magnification of 50X to 400X it can be seen that sometimes the hair stems emerge from the scalp in small clusters that come out of a single follicular ostium (7), each of which represents the visible, superficial portion of a more complex structure. , but well defined, called the follicular island.

Labo has been conducting research on follicular islands since 2002. After an initial patent and further subsequent innovations, in 2015 the researchers arrived at the definition of a formula that allows to take care of each structure that is part of the follicular island and to provide an adequate supply of energy for the needs of the island (higher than the single follicle).
Bringing on average from 2 to more terminal hairs and various other quiescent or semi-atrophied follicles, the follicular island assumes strategic importance within the capillary heritage. In fact, unlike single follicles that are valid for only one hair, the follicular islands, depending on the distribution and number, can count two or more terminal hairs (on average 2.5). With the thinning process, the number not only of follicles but also of follicular islets decreases and it is therefore essential to reserve specific and appropriate treatment for the follicular islands to the complexity of this extremely important system, in proportion to the total number of stems on the scalp.

The new Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive Follicular Islands acts on the thinning scalp and thanks to its direct action within the follicular island, where the cells responsible for initiating the new life cycles of the hair are stored, physiologically and synergistic hair growth. Furthermore, thanks to its components similar to the molecules naturally present in the hair system, it stimulates the regeneration of the hair in a targeted way.

In the double treatment an anti-fall ampoule is added, with specific molecules to strengthen the hair at the root.

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