Labo Fillerina 12 SP Trattamento Viso Filler Super Rimpolpante


Trattamento Super Rimpolpante Effetto Filler-Ristrutturante Grado 3- 4- 5

  • Effetto Filler Super Rimpolpante: con 12 Acidi Ialuronici a Pesi Molecolari differenziati + Complesso AQP3
    Effetto Ristrutturante: con 7 Molecole Piastre
    Effetto ossigenante: con attivo vivificante per un colorito della pelle chiaro e radioso
  • Riempimento delle depressioni facciali e volumizzazione di aree specifiche. Fin dalle prime applicazioni, la pelle appare più distesa, uniforme e luminosa.
  • GRADO 3
    Linee di espressione e rughe visibili.
    Principio di depressione e svuotamento dei tessuti.
    Primi segni di cedimento.
  • GRADO 4
    rughe profonde.
    Evidente depressione e svuotamento dei tessuti.
    Segni visibili di cedimento.
  • GRADO 5
    Rughe e rughe d’espressione molto profonde.
    Grave depressione e svuotamento dei tessuti.
    Segni evidenti di cedimento.
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14 2 ml doses of Super Plumping Filler Effect Gel
14 2 ml doses of Nourishing Veil
2 Precision Applicators for external use

HOW TO USE scopri quiOne of the distinctive features of facial aging is the loss of subcutaneous volume, often associated with other imperfections such as the formation of wrinkles, the appearance of spots and the loss of elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by our body, a type of sugar present in some tissues such as skin and cartilage. It is a highly hygroscopic molecule, that is, capable of binding large quantities of water. For this reason, it is the main responsible for skin hydration. One of the safest and most effective solutions to restore freshness and firmness to the face is the filler with hyaluronic acid.

Fillerina is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, to be done at home for 14 days. It allows to obtain professional results, from home and without injections.Its name is inspired by the mechanism of filling the depressions of the face and volumizing specific areas. Thanks to the effect of special Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weight, a different level of filling of expression lines (wrinkles and furrows), aging wrinkles and micro-relief, and of the areas of the face subjected to loss of volume and emptying is obtained ( face oval, cheekbones, lip surface).

Its formula ispatented by Labo Swiss Patent CH 705 713.Fillerina 12SP Super Plumping Filler is a mixture of 12 Hyaluronic Acids of various sizes and molecular weights is used, particularly effective in penetrating the skin layers to favor tissue filling and plumping.

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