KORFF La Scienza Nella Bellezza

Beauty as inspiration and aspiration

Korff creates innovative scientific solutions characterized by satisfying textures, scents and colors for healthy and beautiful skin. He guarantees effective and proven results, combining them with extremely sensory experiences. This is the soul of Korff, the brand for consumers who wish to entrust their beauty to effective, innovative, safe and extraordinarily pleasant products. In Korff The Science in Beauty.

Korff was born in Italy in the 70s and, thanks to high quality products, immediately established itself as a reference brand for cosmetics in pharmacies.

Joining Ganassini Corporate in 2009 allows the brand to acquire the dermatological knowledge and absolute attention to the purity of raw materials that has always distinguished the Institute.

This is how Korff achieves the perfect fusion of sensory elegance and cutting-edge technology. He enhances his two souls in all his products: the cosmetic and the scientific one.

KORFF The Science in Beauty

Between Cure Make Up and Skin Care

The Beauty Routine

Skin Care Routine or Beauty Routine are daily actions aimed at taking care (in English “Care”) of our skin (in English “skin”).

The Skin Care Routine must adapt based on the type of one’s skin, as depending on the characteristics of the latter, it will be desirable to focus one’s attention on certain products rather than others.

Preferable to dedicate ourselves to our “Routine” morning and evening consistently, for this reason we speak of “Routine”, so as to be able to obtain greater results.

Proper Skin Care involves 3 fundamental steps: cleansing, hydration and protection. Taking care of your skin is essential, not only to have a radiant face ready for make-up, but also to have an energetic look every day.

Every day the skin has to deal with atmospheric agents such as sun and rain, but also with smog and stress. The skin needs to be properly nourished and hydrated and with small steps, performed consistently, you can have skin that is always luminous and well-groomed.

A well hydrated face will appear brighter; a face that receives pampering and daily care with adequate skin care will be ready to welcome make-up.

Cure Make Up

Wearing make-up is no longer a simple habit, but increasingly a way to take care of yourself. Today, in fact, we know that cosmetic science is no longer simply a means of hiding small skin imperfections, but at the same time we can use them to treat them. A new form of make-up, which is not only non-stressful and aggressive on the skin, but which constitutes a real wellness treatment for the epidermis of the face.

From the fusion between make-up and skin care, Make Care is born. Treatment formulas that, while coloring, improve the skin and the application experience.

A real mix made up of microparticles and ingredients good for the skin capable of stopping time, given that after thirty years the collagen present in our skin is reduced, causing the first wrinkles to appear.

Make Care an innovative, smart and revolutionary method that pampers the skin, keeping it young and beautiful.

KORFF The Science in Beauty

Choosing good quality make-up products is important, because everything we put on our face is partially absorbed by the skin. Some substances could therefore interfere with the skin microbiota and give rise to problems of various kinds. Fortunately, in recent years, attention from women has increased and more and more are choosing quality, safe and dermatologically tested make-up products.

Korff is a brand that is enjoying great success for this very reason: an Italian brand that has always been engaged in the search for solutions and formulations that act in full respect of the skin. Furthermore, the line of cosmetics developed by Korff is not reduced to simple tricks, because each product is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. It therefore corrects imperfections, enhancing the beauty of every woman, but at the same time also improves the health of the skin, which appears more hydrated, smooth and luminous.

Korff also feels responsible and involved in the process of change that is taking place in the packaging sector towards greater sustainability. The packaging is made entirely with environmentally friendly packaging, as it is fully recyclable with the current sorting and recycling process.


Korff Skin Care treatments and products meet the fundamental needs of all skin types, with particular attention to maintaining the skin’s youth capital and preventing the effects associated with aging. While the actives carry out their mission of restoration and correction, sensory gratification immediately satisfies the senses.


All Cure Make Up cosmetics are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E and represent the perfect combination of make up and treatment. They continue to improve the health of the skin, while correcting imperfections, evening out the complexion and enhancing the colors of beauty.

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