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No Injection, Yes Transdermic Technology

If you think of a dermo-cosmetic treatment, the image of needles and the sensation of discomfort and pain are associated with it. Skin blemishes are always treated in professional studies, which use invasive methods for greater effectiveness and duration over time. All this can now be avoided, obtaining the same results at home, with a lower cost, but above all without needles and consequently without side effects associated with traditional treatment. Labo with its innovative research, which provides for a continuous evolution in terms of dermo-cosmetics, allows home treatments without the use of invasive tools. Lines specifically designed for every need and for all skin types. We find a wide range of products that all have a technology designed to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

Transdermal Technology

Patented innovation

The skin is difficult to permeate, which is why the effectiveness of a treatment is not always guaranteed. To penetrate into the different levels of the skin, Labo has defined the TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY.

It is based on the very low molecular weight of the active substances, a fundamental condition for their penetration into the skin layers. Thanks to this innovative technique, the real effectiveness of the active substances present in the specific demo-cosmetic treatment is guaranteed. It will no longer be necessary to use needles for an optimal result. Thanks to this new technology, even at home it will be possible to treat skin imperfections. Labo has dedicated an itera line to Transdermal Technology, LABO TRANSDERMIC.

Labo Transdermic

A Line for All Skin Types

With this line, Labo’s innovation offers an answer to all the fundamental needs of the skin. Anti-Age, Anti-Wrinkle, Hypersensitive, Lightening, Moisturizing / Nourishing. We also find specific formulas for Cleansing and areas such as the Eye Contour. According to the main action, specific molecules with a very low molecular weight are inserted. It will be enough to identify the problem to be treated to find the right product. The line contains 8 Hyaluronic Acids and specific molecules with low molecular weight, their penetration in the 24 hours following application is tried and tested.


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