Seasonal hair loss. Our advice

Seasonal hair loss. Our advice

The change of season (ie spring and autumn, when we pass from the hot season to the cold season and vice versa) is a period that particularly affects our hair. In fact, it is not unusual that during spring or autumn we see a more abundant hair loss than usual.
While washing our hair, applying the shampoo or brushing it, we notice more hair loss: when to worry?

Hair loss during the change of seasons

is a physiological phenomenon, which should not be alarming. Especially in autumn, hair loss can be linked to the stiffening of the climatic conditions, but also to the rhythms of nature. Therefore, hair loss during the change of season is to be considered a natural phenomenon of “replacement”.

In fact, hair has its own regrowth cycle, consisting of birth, development, fall and new rebirth of the hair. This cycle is renewed about twenty times over a person’s life: spring and autumn, with their climate change, only accelerate this hair renewal process.

During the change of season, in fact, the number of hairs that is in the phase in which the hair is still in the hair follicle is greater, but the vital lengthening activities are over. This hair is naturally replaced. Therefore, it is normal for everyone to experience greater hair loss during the change of seasons, for which there is no need to worry.

However, if the fall continues more abundant than normal even after the season change period is over, it is advisable to pay attention to the well-being of your hair, also considering the possible use of anti-hair loss treatments such as Labo Crescina. In the brand new PLC 12 Bulge Stem line the most effective patents are gathered for an optimal Anti-Fall and Re-Growth result. Two different types of vials to promote physiological growth in thinned areas and to keep the bulge in the follicle from which the hair comes to life healthy.



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