Crescina PLC12 Bulge Stem. The research continues.

Crescina PLC12 Bulge Stem. The research continues

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The new Crescina Transdermic Ri-Growth PLC12 – Bulge-Stem is the latest discovery in Crescina’s home and brings together in a combination of products a dual treatment that specifically promotes the physiological growth of hair in thinned areas, separating the functions of the two complexes based on important and innovative active components for re-growth. The two treatments have in common the formulation basis with the Re-growth complex (Cysteine, Lysine and Glycoprotein) and the enhancers of the patent for the transdermal technology.

PLC12 – The PLC12 treatment (Swiss Patent CH 713 030) contains the complex, with increased concentration, of 12 Plate-Like molecules which, being synthetic substances similar to the endogenous peptide molecules naturally present in the hair system, are responsible for physiologically and synergistic way the growth of the hair
BULGE-STEM – The Bulge-Stem treatment contains the formulative evolution of the HFSC complex (Swiss Patent CH 703 390) and is able to protect and keep the environment of the bulge intact, inside the hair follicle, where the cells are stored responsible for starting the new life cycles of the hair.

In the Anti-Hair loss formulations, the STRONG ANTI-HAIR LOSS treatment is added, which combines the basic active ingredients and the active ingredients, useful for strengthening the hair at the root, three plate-like molecules and three enhancers to assist their penetration into the hair system and scalp. The formula is enriched with the HSSC complex.

Specific formulas for men and women.
Available dosages: 200 – 500 – 1300 -1700 -1900 – 2100
In the formats of 20 vials (10 Crescina PLC12 vials and 10 Crescina Bulge-Stem vials, equivalent to one month of treatment) and 40 vials (20 Crescina PLC12 vials and 20 Crescina Bulge-Stem vials, equivalent to two months of treatment).

How to apply the product

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